This week I had the priviledge of having David Sifry from Technorati staying at my home and helping me as CEO of Fon with a bunch of great ideas on how to make our services better and easier to use.  While we were working on Fon and looking at different advertising models (Fon´s revenues come from selling services to non foneros or non wifi donors partly with advertising) we came across Viddler and we both were very positively impressed.   Yes, I know you may say that Viddler will turn all videobloggers into infomercial machines but men does not live off the internet alone.  I hope my friend Loic Lemeur adopts a similar model for Seesmic, his new video start up.  I love the way that Viddler mixes contextual advertising with people´s comments making you want to read the video timeline.

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Robert Sandie on November 21, 2007  · 

Thanks for the comments Martin!

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Sergio Fogel on November 21, 2007  · 

I would like to suggest two additional revenue models. First, I would be ready to pay a few bucks for a Fonera that lets me assign bandwidth inside my house. Sometimes my kids are downloading a movie, and I cannot even read mail. Every time my BW increases I think the problem will be solved, but every time it gets worse.

Second, the click-stream information that you could record (with user’s consent), is worth a lot. I’d be glad to discuss these ideas further. BTW, don’t you want to set up a Fon Labs Uruguay? Great talent here, plus tax breaks and it is a great place.

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cvander on November 21, 2007  · 

Great idea. Thanks for sharing it..

But, remember, Google is always looking for opportunities to extend their online advertising platform. What will they stop them to include this option in youtube soon?

Or, the main exit of Viddler could be to sell their technology to the highest bidder.

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Martin on November 30, 2007  · 

It’s just a good idea.
That has also it’s downside. When I see video I want to focus on the video. This “fantastic” functionality should be disabled by default, why I have to see this comments if I just want to see the video. They have the option to disable it, going to the menu and guessing out that clicking on the comment cloud turns it off.
I don’t also see it as a revolutionary technology. Anyone with some actionscripting and database skills can acomplish this.

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