This week I visited the BT offices in London and loved seeing how the company is making FON part of its own identity. With this great campaign BT is targeting its 90.000 employees, many of whom are now foneros as well!

martin-bandera-bt-final.jpg mesa-bt-final.jpg

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No Comments on November 11, 2007  · 

dear martin,

it’s a pitty that the bunny does not work with fon. maybe you can fix that?

this is one of the hottest things happening right now. but if i get one i cant use it cuz i have a fon router.

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mel pullen on November 16, 2007  · 

It appears to be a great marketing coup; for BT.

BT Openzone customers can use FON hospots but we Foneros cannot use BT Openzone hotspots.

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