Shaping concrete the way it was needed for Casavars to be ready (Casavars is our new Madrid home) was extremely hard. As a result this 2 year construction project turned out to be a 4 year ordeal. But all is well when it ends well, and now the family is in. We are 4 kids, 2 grown ups. They say that molecules in gases adapt to the volume of the container. So does my family. Friends keep coming by. Here are more pictures.

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Louis van Proosdij on July 1, 2007  · 

Great house full of natural lighting.
Martin, are these ramps to go upstairs, avoiding steps ?? What a dream.

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Martin Varsavsky on July 1, 2007  · 


Yes, the house has all ramps, almost no steps. My 12 yr old skateboarding instincts will have to be kept at bay.

Andreu on July 1, 2007  · 

Nice house, congratulations. You’ll need a fence around the swimingpool, it’s a must when you have babies. Trust me, I learned it the hard way. :S

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Louis van Proosdij on July 1, 2007  · 

Amazing. I’m wheelchair motorized, that’s exactly the kind of design I dreamt of since I saw “paradis pour tous”, last Patrick Dawaere’s movie where he plays a handicaped character and live in a 70’s designed house with integrated ramps 🙂
Skateboarding is a great option 🙂

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Christopher on July 1, 2007  · 

hahaha to think, in the UK they’ve been pulling down big industrial-like concrete structures like that for years. eysores? ha.

and it does remind me a little of this…
heh you don’t have thunderbird 1 stashed away in there too do you?

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Luca Gervasio on July 2, 2007  · 

Hey, where is the bedroom? 😉

See ya!

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Martin Varsavsky on July 2, 2007  · 

Yes Luca, I owe bedrooms and baths, but I left them out cause I felt that my readers should only enter the public spaces…

Martin Varsavsky on July 2, 2007  · 


We r installing one soon!

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