In this video, Al Jazeera’s correpondent in Argentina, Teresa Bo, describes one aspect of the political corruption in Argentina, in which “punteros” bought votes from people in exchange for food and money for the presidential election that took place on October 28th.

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B.Warshavsky on November 11, 2007  · 

Evidently, nothing is changed all these years !

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Hans on May 26, 2008  · 

Argentina is and always will be as corrupt as they get. Here the common rule always is: Scam or get scammed. There is simply no way you can expect anything to go right here.

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Pablo Impallari on October 27, 2008  · 

Así es la cosa por estos lugares.
Les recomiendo ver la película mejicana “La Ley de Herodes”, es simplemente espectacular.

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