Seesmic is my friend Loic Le Meur‘s new start up. It’s similar to Twitter, but uses video instead of short text messages. I recently invested in Seesmic.

Loic and his team are working hard in San Francisco to build this new exciting social video platform. When launched, Seesmic will allow users to post videos on the site using their webcams or files and will automatically publish them on other popular sites (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and others soon).  Many people are already doing this in Beta.

The service is built with openness in mind: it’s not trying to replicate other social networks or video sites, it builds on top of the best ones. The purpose is aggregating, sharing and tracking conversations about the best professional and user-generated video content on the Web.

Soon users will be able to post videos straight from Skype (our partners at FON) and interact with their Seesmic friends with a Joost widget (another company I invested in).

Loic is documenting every day of his new startup with a series of videos published on

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Loic on November 6, 2007  · 

Thanks Martin. Check this one I’m with President Sarkozy at the White House 🙂

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