We are back home. Leo, his Mom, his siblings, my mother in law (yes, her as well…) and, in the middle of all this, I remember that I have another child…..FON. So I do what I always do when I want to know what´s happening at FON. I go to the Statcounters that show me sales in the FON shops around the world, and I see the great news that, indeed, Leo was born with a pan bajo el brazo, with a loave of bread under his arm.

Today is shaping up as the day ever for the Movimiento FON. We are growing like crazy all over the planet. Korea, China, Germany, Spain, Italy, and even US, which has been our slowest market so far, is beginning to pick up. So I guess there´s no need for me to go to the office! Leo, I´m staying home….

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gilles on November 8, 2006  · 

Congratulation , felicitation ,long life to LEO and his mother , very beautifull name .

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