This morning I heard that The Venice Project is now called Joost. Thanks to Niklas, my partner and board member at Fon I got to be Beta Tester of Joost. I love it. As opposed to You Tube which is more about user generated content and TV moments Joost is about watching high quality TV on the internet. It´s the whole shebang!

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Steve Ross on January 16, 2007  · 

Hi Martin, do you have any joost tokens you can share so I can beta test?

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Simon on January 16, 2007  · 

The new name (Joost) really looks strange to me, because it’s a boy’s name in German (although more commonly spelt “Jost”). Anyway, I also tried it and the quality-to-traffic ratio is really impressive – at 600 kb/s, the video compares well with my (admittedly old) analog TV set, picture quality-wise.

Although the content that is currently offer is not THAT much more compelling than what you find on GooTube. But it’s only a beta! Hopefully they get more “premium” content over time.

Zattoo ( works almost as well – slightly higher traffic, maybe slightly lower picture quality. Rather than on-demand video, they send regular TV channels in near-real time (~30 second lag), and they use P2P distribution technology as well. The main problem is that their service is only available in Switzerland (-: so far).

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Vincent on January 17, 2007  · 

Actually Joost is a common first name in Holland and I understand its based in Leiden (holland). Coincidence? Probably not. People will have to get used to the spelling. I heard it on the news in Holland and I started typing “juiced” in Google..which means 1 letter right!….Very curious how this turns out. The concept sounds good. I hope to have a look soon!


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Anonymous on January 19, 2007  · 

i would love to get invitation to joost. pls email to:

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Stefano on January 22, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,

I’m trying to obtain an invitation to test Joost.
And I would like to be able to invite a couple of colleagues as well. We need it for work.
Nina, from Madrid, suggested you may help me.
Could you?

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Adam Dunham on January 23, 2007  · 

There there joost tokenn still available? If so throw one my way, it would be sweeet.
Thanks again

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