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Today as I was walking out of the offices in my holding company, I saw a pile of unread newspapers and made the decision. Yes, that decision, the decision that I have been wanting to make for 10 years and for some reason, probably nostalgia, had not made. The decision to cancel all newspapers subscription, the end of the newspaper era for me. I canceled them all. I know it´s sad that I won´t get the International Herald Tribune anymore, nor the Financial Times, Expansión, El País, El Mundo, the WSJ. But why should I go on getting them if I get all my news online? At least I will save a few trees. So long newspapers, it was good while it lasted.

PS here´s a good article on how the newspaper industry in the States is doing online.

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John Markoff represents what is best about American journalism. He is fair, balanced and can explain technology to non geeks. So when John Markoff says “Move Over Silicon Valley Here Come European Start ups”, people listen. And by people I mean very important people like…my mother who is 67 and who normally does not believe in things until they appear….in the New York Times. After the article appeared on line (yes, I have an online Mom) she wrote to me all excited that she had read about my investing activities in the New York Times. For her this is the only source of truth in the news world (my blog of course is at the other end of the spectrum 😉 ).

Thanks John for giving this type of “kosher” certification to my investing activities in European start ups!

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