I am an entrepreneur. I am a blogger entrepreneur, but I am not a journalist. I was not trained as one. I don´t blog news. I blog about building a company. In this case FON. I don´t claim to be objective. How could I be? But I do try to tell as much as I can of what it is to build a company that went from and idea in my head to global reality with amazing corporate partners and investors in 5 months. What do I think of journalists? Like all professions some are good, some are bad. Should blog replace journalism? No. I give about 3 interviews a week and to me journalism has a key role in portraying developments that blogging, an especially an entrepreneur´s blog, will never replace. When a good journalist interviews me I feel she/he is part detective, part writer, part therapist. The detective part finds out things that I don´t know or don´t want to share, the writer part describes the story in a much better way that I could myself (yes, I do suffer from writer´s envy when I see how well some journalists write), and the therapist side discovers that part of me that I did not even know I had. So I will continue doing both, write my blog and collaborate with journalists including journalists who have blogs.

Both in Europe and America the press tends to be more progressive, or leftist, than the rest of the population. In America, conservatives have been very good at mounting a counterattack on the liberal media, but the liberal media still has the upper hand. The country votes republican, the media overall is democratic. Why is this the case? To me this is simply a function of income. Start giving journalists investment banking salaries and they would certainly write more conservative articles! As it is they make very little money, and empathize with other people who do as well.

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