I am an entrepreneur. I am a blogger entrepreneur, but I am not a journalist. I was not trained as one. I don´t blog news. I blog about building a company. In this case FON. I don´t claim to be objective. How could I be? But I do try to tell as much as I can of what it is to build a company that went from and idea in my head to global reality with amazing corporate partners and investors in 5 months. What do I think of journalists? Like all professions some are good, some are bad. Should blog replace journalism? No. I give about 3 interviews a week and to me journalism has a key role in portraying developments that blogging, an especially an entrepreneur´s blog, will never replace. When a good journalist interviews me I feel she/he is part detective, part writer, part therapist. The detective part finds out things that I don´t know or don´t want to share, the writer part describes the story in a much better way that I could myself (yes, I do suffer from writer´s envy when I see how well some journalists write), and the therapist side discovers that part of me that I did not even know I had. So I will continue doing both, write my blog and collaborate with journalists including journalists who have blogs.

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