Fon is booming. I have requests of people who want to partner with FON from 17 countries so far. In Spain, where we are first launching FON, we have thousands of volunteers waiting for our software to be ready in order to download it, flash it to their access points and link all wifi access points into a country wide network. We have hundreds of volunteers who are also interested in going into the homes of people who are less techie and install FON for them. We are launching FON in Sweden at SIME on November 9th and FON in France at Les Blogs on December 5th.

Now here´s my offer to all top bloggers of the world. Join our board and become our partners. In Spain we are making a board that is made of top Spanish bloggers, like Alvy at Microsiervos. I would like to extend a similar offer to the top bloggers of any country. We are going to create a subsidiary for each country that FON goes into and we would like to offer the top bloggers of that country a seat on the board of the FON and a 1% ownership stake. Please contact me if you are a top blogger and are interested in joining your local board of FON.

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