I am very happy to announce that FON and Neuf Cegetel, which is France’s leading alternative operator, have entered the final technical phase before the launch of the new Neuf WiFi FON service in September.

This partnership with Neuf Cegetel reinforces our close ties with other major ISPs, such as Time Warner Cable, and is the first one to fully integrate an ISP’s WiFi capabilities with those of FON.

Throughout the summer, Neuf Cegetel will integrate FON’s software into all of its Neuf Boxes, which will enable all Neuf subscribers who own a WiFi Neuf Box to join the FON Community. Those users will be able to start sharing some of their Internet connection with the WiFi Community in return for free and secure access to every FON WiFi access point in France and around the world.

To join the FON Community, Neuf Cegetel subscribers will need to activate the service using the free activation wizard available for download on the Neuf and FON websites. More experienced users will be able to activate the Neuf WiFi FON service directly from the management console of their Neuf Box. Once the service has been activated, the Neuf Box will begin emitting a WiFi signal called “Neuf WiFi FON”.

If you are not a Neuf Cegetel subscriber, you can join the FON Community by purchasing the “La Fonera”, our own WiFi Router.

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thierry on July 23, 2007  · 

This is completely awesome ! That will increase the number of Foneros and hopefully Neuf Cegetel (and now Club Internet also) will share their wifi connexion.

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