I am seating at an interesting session called Poverty Alleviation at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference. Basically we are around 200 people divided into around 20 tables of around 10 people all answering the same questions. What are some powerful initiatives that will bring greater income and value to the producers at the bottom of the economic ladder. At my table I have top executives two women who run foundations, a moderator from the Clinton foundation and an actor, Michael Douglas. The session is being managed by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda among others. My table produced two initiatives, one is to use technology to tag each citizen in the world because it is known that a lot of money either payments or donations are stolen from the receipients. This is already partly being done by WiseKey of Geneva. Its CEO Carlos Moreira is at our table. So if every person has his own unique electronic ID they can get more control of his/her own finances. The other comment that I made and Michael Douglas and others supported is that unfortunately the wealthy people of poor countries are no Warren Buffets, they rarely give back to their societies and a lot of educational work should be done to work with the wealthiest people in poor countries to change their behaviour.

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Jaco on September 22, 2006  · 

In Costa Rica, May 2005, the Congress proposed a new virtual personality human right/fundamental right to give a vp/tag/digital identity to every person, and for poor people to be used to channel them resources.

This can be of help not just in Africa but everywhere, includeing the USA as the Katrina experience has showed that resources do not arrive to the right people…

Details in http://www.virtualrights.org or contacting me at skorpio@gmail.com

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Max on September 22, 2006  · 

Doing my bloglines search this morning, I came about with a post from the “Center for Global Development” which described how he (Todd Moss) shared table with …”a fair representative sample of the crowd included a hi-tech entrepreneur from Argentina, an American businessman who builds malls in China, the head of a large microfinance NGO, a retired CEO, a perky college student, and Michael Douglas”… Anyways, just a blogging coincidence… hope you enjoy the rest of the event


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