Assuming you already bought your Fonera 2.0n, we have a new foneradownloader firefox extension release for you. This extension is great for downloads. When you are using Firefox and find a download link or a torrent, if you have this extension installed you get to choose if you want the fonera to do the download or your laptop. This is great to send a lot of torrents to your fonera for example, then leave home and come back and watch your movies. Legal Torrents is a good torrent site to do this. With this extension downloads wait for you and not the other way around. This new release brings some small enhancement and a ‘geeky’ feature for massive downloaders which may miss from other download manager extensions.

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First, the settings dialog no longer applies it’s settings ‘on-the-fly’. This is done because some users complained about problems on the extension re-connecting when the address is still not fully typed.

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And now for the new feature… when you right click on a web page and you’re connected to the fonera, a new item will show: “Find links for fonera”.

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When this item is selected, a window will pop-up with all links/images the page has. We think this will be a nice feature for when you are in a page with lots of links and you don’t want to bother rightclick-ing each one of them!

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Think about this feature when you go to an image gallery webpage and you want to download all pics, or all isos from a linux distro or maybe all zips from a multiple volume download.

To make this task even easier, we’ve included a small toolbar with pre-selected filters: images, movies, music, torrents, rapidshare and megaupload. When you select any of these filters, all links matching will be automatically selected so you then send them to your fonera. This filters can be modified from the ‘about:config‘ preferences page in Firefox. You need to type about:config in the url to access it.

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But that’s not all, we also included a ’search as you type’ filter for when you have lots of links but you know what you’re looking for.

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And as usual, we included small bugfixes to enhance the user experience and full support for lastest firmware for both fonera2.0 n & g. We really hope you like this small upgrade, so please test it and report bugs you find in our user forums.

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Charbax on October 9, 2009  · 

It looks great. How many torrents can the Fonera 2.0n download at the same time, with up to how much combined bandwidth and how many connections per torrent or overall? Can one set it so that completed torrent are automatically unseeded or set the unseeding at a specific share ratio?

In anyways. I am really looking forward to buying a Fonera 2.0n and start using its powerful features.

It’d be nice with this extension in Chrome (whenever Chrome starts supporting extensions) and I’d like this exact feature as an extension to the Android webkit based browser as well. So any click on torrents or any other downloads from within the Android browser should be sent remotely to Fonera 2.0n at home as well.

With an Android notification when a download completes and instant access to remotely stream any audio, video, picture or other downloads remotely over the Internet as long as one has enough upload bandwidth from the Fonera 2.0n to the Internet.

And I am expecting the automatic downloading from BitTorrent RSS feeds would work as well to for example automatically download new episodes of a daily show every day and ping my Android or my Ubuntu/Windows desktop notifications app on completed downloads with instant link to remotely stream those completed downloads.

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emule on October 10, 2009  · 

je ne sais pas sur!

3.0 rating

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