If you live in USA and want to join FON, today is your lucky day. Today is FON´s birthday numero uno and if you click here you don´t pay NADA to get your Fonera (FON´s wifi router). We already have 18,000 Foneras ordered in the States and we are on our way to becoming the largest WiFi network America.

We already are the largest WiFi network in many countries including Japan, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy and other countries that you may want to visit and roam for free. You can check out in our maps to see if there are other FONeros in your town.

Join FON and stop begging for WiFi. Share some extra bandwidth at home and roam the world for free. FON is the secure way to build a global WiFi network. If you are not a DSL or Cable customer pls do not order a Fonera, first call your local DSL or Cable company to sign up for broadband and then sign up for FON.

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Steve on February 6, 2007  · 


With which ISPs are we allowed to use the Foneras in the US and Canada? Thanks.

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AustinTX on February 6, 2007  · 

Martin, can we look forward to this *every* February from now on? 😉

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Martin Varsavsky on February 7, 2007  · 

Hi Steve,

I think most ISPs and cable companies in the States have by now understood that FON is a net positive to them. That we make it easy to sell broadband, as we refer all Foneros who don´t have broadband to them. That we stop leeching as our routers are only open to those who purchase broadband and we stop churn, because the main reason for churn is travelling and, with FON, if you travel and disconnect from, say Verizon, you lose your roaming priviledges. So we have been operating in the States for a year, and all over the world for that matter and we have only made telco friends (Neuf in France Seednet in Taiwan to give two examples out of many). But I am not a lawyer and can´t give you a legal answer. All I can say is that we are seen as a benefit by all telcos we have spoken to.

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J. on February 8, 2007  · 

So much for signing up with FON.
When you go to register, the “Province/Region/State” field cannot be filled out, it is a dead field.

I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, and I was hoping to be one of the benefactors of a free Fonera, but I guess not.

The least the website could have done was just say they were all out of foneras, and not just make me think I’m doing something wrong. I feel like a frigging idiot.

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Chris Hayward on February 12, 2007  · 

Well, I’m delighted you’re giving away your routers free to Americans. Now, how about delivering the one to me that I paid for several months ago?

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