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Anonymous on January 26, 2007  · 

They should build hospitals and schools

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Taylor Duvall on February 1, 2007  · 

Loved the idea that the Iraqi people might decide something instead of American politicans…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed an Iraqi based reporter on CNN last night who pretty much laid out the truth/bad state of affairs in Iraq as a result of the American Invasion. George Bush seems to be operating out of Colin Powell’s pre-invasion words to GWB – “If you break it you own it” instead of as you say, the dictator is gone and there are no weapons of mass destruction – job finished, go home.

I loved your suggestion about an referendum. Seems to me that the USA has attached other objectives…don’t you think.

At present there is emotional blackmail going by some in the US saying that if you don’t support more troops and the War you don’t support the American soldiers. I saw footage of a US soldier defending the mission. He justified it saying stay the course so his friends/fellow soliders did not die in vain…

It is a sad to me that Americans are misfeed so much information if they even watch/read the news. And we don’t get how obnoxious we are to the rest of the world which includes our kind hearted Christians.

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