The Peek works great in the States but the PeekFON setup in Europe is new. We have not roamed. We have not yet tested it around the continent. So today, we decided to give the first PeekFONs to Fon employees and close friends as beta testers who will test them and travel over the holidays. Then, after 30 days of testing, we will open the sale to the general public. We already have a waiting list for PeekFONs and we will deliver them in the order in which the request was received. To be on the list click here. We don’t collect credit card information. Only names and basic info. Thanks to those who ordered and we are sorry that we are not delivering today as we had mentioned but we believe that a month of bug discovery is the safer way to go. Also we are missing a few countries for roaming like Norway and Andorra. We are trying to see if we can solve this between now and January.

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Fede on December 16, 2009  · 

Martín, si te interesa q lo pruebe en Irlanda, avisame.

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steven on December 16, 2009  · 

If you need someone in Belgium/Netherlands? 🙂

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Robin on December 16, 2009  · 

Count me in for beta testing in The Netherlands 😉

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steven on December 16, 2009  · 

Robin how’s your ipv6 firmware doing? 🙂

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Kyros on December 16, 2009  · 

Hola Martín!

Estoy interesado en ser un beta tester en Austria.
Si está de acuerdo por favor en contacto conmigo.

Saludos cordiales,

PS: Lo siento por el mal español …

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Joao Soares on December 16, 2009  · 

Do you need a Beta tester in Portugal (Azores Islands)?

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Sergio on December 17, 2009  · 

To MV,, Off Topic:

I used to write comments on your blog in Spanish, but I am not user of FaceBook/Twitter because I am not interested on making my private life public so from this moment I become banned and I will not be allowed to post any comment on your blog.

My prediction is that requiring authentication through these social networks will generate an exponential drop at the feedback you were receiving i.e. your blog shall become more a monologue than an interactive communication space it used to be and will lose most of the charm it had.

Any blog is often as or more interesting by reading the comments received and the dialogues between the comments senders than the topic of the published post itself. This action that you has just taken will make your Blog far more less interesting that it was.

Any reason for the English version not requiring identification through social networks?

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Peanut on December 18, 2009  · 

Hasta otra. Ya tienes mi e-mail y mi vida privada no le interesa a nadie, así son las cosas. Ha sido un placer.

Tampoco voy a falsear una cuenta de Twitter, porque no soy un Troll para perder el tiempo en esas cosas.

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Frederic on December 18, 2009  · 


Please count on me for beta testing in France.
Great initiative!

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