People are not absolutely rich, absolutely middle class, or absolutely poor. A person who makes 1000 euros a month is poor in Europe and well off in Brasil. Now add financial crisis to the euro at $1.5 and while I can´t gurantee you that you will be rich in Miami I assure you you will definitely be richer in Miami than wherever you are from Europe. Prices in Miami are insanely low for European standards. Let´s say you are a young graduate in a relationship and you managed to save 6000 euros and so has your boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to take time off or can´t find a job. Well with 12,000 euros a couple could come to Miami and live for half a year tickets included. I will give you an example. Even though we rent a car for 28 euros per day we love to go around in a scooter. And in Miami you can buy a NEW scooter for 650 euros. And because gas costs half of what it costs in Europe you can go anywhere around South Beach in this scooter for 60c per day which is what we do. We prefer the scooter to the car. Restaurants are in such competition that if you walk on Lincoln Road you are bombarded with offers to eat a good meal for 10 euros per person. Apartments are in great supply that you can rent one for say 6 months for 3000 euros. And on top of this you are in Miami. These days every day is a high of 31C and low of 23C, perfect beach weather. People are nice and fun, and even though they are going through the worst crisis in their lifetime, they don´t show it.

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marko on October 31, 2009  · 

Sure, Miami is in so much trouble right now, that you can really get by on the cheap. But personally, I’d rather stay away from Miami in the future. I have been there for the first time this year and never was a city (including Miami Beach) so far away from what we in Europe usually imagine, when we think about Miami (the rich and famous, sun, sand, important events, clubs etc.). So many empty buildings, so many homeless people, so much crime. Everywhere.

And South Beach really is not that much better. You’ve got a couple off restaurants along Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive + a few clubs. But that’s it (+ residential buildings and hotels). Give it a week, max, and it gets boring.

No, instead as a European with 6000 EUR and to much time (or an online business) I would rather spend my time in Asia. The US is done, sorry. Oh, Hi from Bankok, Thailand, btw. 😉

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Martin Varsavsky on October 31, 2009  · 

Asia is great but I can´t deal with the pollution in most Asian cities.

Jessica on October 31, 2009  · 

I can’t imagine anyone who would feel boring in South Beach Miami! Maybe you spent time with very boring people in South Beach Miami?

I love South Beach Miami! I love everything there. The beach. The people. The nightlife. The sun is always shining. I even love Florida’s hot weather!
About Asia… Endless business opportunities there.. So I heard… Can’t comment on that…

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Aswad on November 2, 2009  · 

What do you think about Montréal?

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Martin Varsavsky on November 3, 2009  · 

Montreal is a great city. I built a company there, Medicorp Sciences. The cold is tough though. But I love the mixture of people and McGill is a good plus.

RamonD on November 6, 2009  · 

On the surface you are correct that prices in Miami are much cheaper than in Europe with the exception of food and owning a property due to taxes. Very few other large western cities are as affordable as Miami. However and based on the way life is enjoyed in America you end up spending more money on average per month than in Europe. Let me explain my point.

People in Europe socialize spending very little while in America socialization means for the most part spending money. I.e. In Europe you go to the park with your friends during the week or have a coffee for two hours …. In America that is rare and your social interactions will mean consumption and expenditure. You end up spending money every hour without really noticing.

Needless to say Miami is a great place.


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Martin Varsavsky on November 6, 2009  · 

I do agree with you Ramon that in USA people just spend more money as a habit. But Nina and I have European habits. We cook at home, we prepare a picnic for the boat, we move around in a bicycle or a scooter, and yes we go to restaurants, fancy restaurants sometimes but even those cost us from 30 to 60 euros a person. But sailing for example a big cost is fuel and fuel costs half in USA. Also in USA people are eager to make money. I have serious problems fixing things in Menorcou a when they break down. In Miami is instant help.

RamonD on November 7, 2009  · 

Probably in Miami things get fixed earlier because people pay a premium as well as labor costs are lower or at least not higher than in Europe due to immigration. The latest is part of the inequality of USA society.

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Nestor on November 16, 2009  · 

My girlfriend and I have just graduate. We’re in Warsaw, I’m venezuelan-portuguesse and she’s polish. We decided to live here, saved up, made budget plans and started to look for jobs.

I was surprised to see that our monthly expenses are around 500eur, which includes rent and its expenses, food, utilities, clothing, entertainment, transportation and some saving for unexpected events. I’m trying to say: all we need.

Having spent 1.5 years in Barcelona and 1 in Aalborg know that this budget would be 1500 and 1300 respectively. BUT the difference in my ‘level of living’ is very little.

I think Poland is being quite underestimated for its status. Or is it because of their language? I’m having a true challenge learning it =D !!. The beautiful ladies make up for such small differences, anyways.

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Nestor on November 16, 2009  · 

Just realized that I should have mentioned why I shared my exp here:

Europeans could not need to cross continents!

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