Normally I go to conferences as a speaker. But thanks to my interests as a blogger, I have been asking for different roles so not only I can tell others about Fon but I learn about what others are doing. At SIME things work out well and I was both moderator of a very interesting pannel with Hjalmar Windbladh, Marko Ahtissari, Carlos Bhola and others and then I was also suprisingly given the role of rapper!, at DLD I managed to do slightly better. I am moderating an interesting panel with Nicholas Negroponte among others.

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Charbax on January 20, 2007  · 

Woaw. Nicholas Negroponte and Martin Varsavsky on the same stage.. That’s got to be one of the most impressive pannels possible. I wish I knew about DLD earlier and would have been invited somehow.. Hopefully this panel will be filmed and put online directly after the conference (where did someone put the Sime talks?)

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Charbax on January 22, 2007  · 

Nice panel.. I think the Good Bin Laden won this round.. The video is at

I wonder how is promoting OLPC in Argentina. Will the Fonera 2.0 be able to serve with a usb hard disk drive as the 100$ School HDD server and Wi-Fi internet access combo, or somehow a cache HDD disk space to store videos or other big files before they are backed up on the Internet, as well as provide a p2p RSS auto-download of some curriculum videos or other large files, or provide caching of any video or large file that is downloaded..

Will every XO Laptop user come with free access to the Fon network? I imagine governments who deploy the OLPC in June could legislate saying that every new Broadband Internet access that is setup, every new router should provide Fon access. In a way the government thus make every OLPC student member of Fon by making every single hotspot in the country Fon compatible.

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