The new strategy of the tech giants in USA is to make a living of what is unique about your company and give the competitor’s key product away for free.

Google does this to Microsoft with Office, Amazon does this to Netflix with free movies for prime customers, Google does this to Facebook with Google+ which surprisingly has no ads, Google does this to Apple with Android, Google does this to Microsoft/Skype with Google Talk, Amazon does not give the Kindle Fire for free but it is going after Apple with iPad at a huge discount. Now one of the reason’s Apple continues to be the most valuable company in the world is that they don’t give anything away for free!

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niko on November 30, 2011  · 

So why should wifi access be free?

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matellan on November 30, 2011  · 

And because all the people want Apple’s products even paying high prices.

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loic on December 1, 2011  · 

“they don’t give anything away for free!”
Not completely true, for example I was surprised that the expensive MobileMe was kill for the “free” iCloud service.
If they wants to begin a “Thermo Nuclear War” against Google, I think that we will see more and more “free” (aka iAds) products coming from Apple.

my 2 cents,

— loïc

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Dani Santi on December 2, 2011  · 

Antonio Machado said: “Es de necios confundir valor y precio” (free English translation, It fools confuse value with price).
What Apple make best is to build great products (really high value) in an “affordable” price, other companies make products, sometimes good products, and a few times great products, and they normally give them away for free when they are not either great products or key products to their core business. However Apple only builds great products and charges for them, but as Loic mentioned this business model may begin to change.

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Stumdomos durys on December 24, 2011  · 

Completely agree, that is why Apple is different

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