A few days ago I was interviewed by Lucas Morando, of Perfil, the second largest Sunday Paper in Argentina. Yesterday the interview came out in print. I can´t link to it cause it´s not on line.Unfortunately, Lucas Morando is one of those poor journalists who uses interviews to justify his opinion. In this case that Educ.ar, a program started by my foundation in 2000, is a failure.

Lucas Morando´s technique is simple. Conduct a one hour interview and then use only a few random phrases from the whole interivew to justify your (incorrect) view. Of course, anything in life can be seen as a success or a failure, but Lucas Morando´s view is just not sustainable.

What was clearly a donation of mine, in which I donated $11.2 million dollars to the Argentine Education Ministry to create the education portal and raised around $100 million more from many sources to connect Argentine schools to the interne,t Lucas calls a loss and compares it to a true business loss I had when I lent $6 million to a defunkt Argentine airline called Southern Winds and lost half of that money.

Well Lucas, donations are not losses. Donations are actually made knowing that you will “lose” the funds, but personally I think that Educ.ar is the best investment I could have ever done for the future of my country, Argentina. This year alone millions of student used Educ.ar, 11,000 teachers were trained, half a million educational CDs were destributed to teachers around the country and 65,000 computers were installed. Hardly a loss….

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