Our Japanese press conference was extremely well attended. This is some of the news coverage we got in Japan and a picture of the room in which we presented.

fon press japan1.JPG

Joichi was brilliant. Even though I can´t understand Japanese, I can see people´s eyes shine with interest in any language and Joichi is that kind of guy, when he talks people listen. It was also very nice of Joichi from him to take a break from his 250 guild in World of Warcraft to help me launch Fon!

Thank you Joichi. Thank you Fumi. Thank you Hector .




IT pro (Nikkei Computer)

IT pro (Nikkei Communication)

Tech-on (Nikkei Electronics)


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isaacb on April 12, 2006  · 

It is really exciting wacthing the process of FON happening worldwide.

I had the chance of listening to your presentation in Tokyo from Mori san blog.

Thanks Martin for letting us learn making all this process public. I wish you good luck and lots of extra energy for the future!

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