Flipboard makes social media look better, more visual, perfect for the iPad.  Now there are two things that I would like to see in Flipboard.  One is a blended Flipboard, a Flipboard that shows you the best from all your social media.  In my Flipboard I have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr.  I would like to be able to see a blend of all those services and not them one by one. Algorithms could decide what is the most popular pictures, news, commentary that I may want to read.  Also from Google+ once they have an API. But the other idea, which is more interesting is to turn Flipboard around and make it a product for other people.  Like I publish my Flipboard for others to see and what others then see is my production accross social media, what I put on Facebook that is public, plus my tweets, plus my Instagrams, Flickr, Tumblr, all that I publish in one place for others to see.  So instead of having to follow me on Twitter, on Facebook, Tumblr, etc I would just say follow me on Flipboard.

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nacho on February 4, 2012  · 

Martin, there is an app that does most of what you ask for…i think it is called persona…yes, just looked it up…


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david on February 4, 2012  · 

As a similar, I’d love to have an app or web that blends many banks account balances into a single report, instead of having to log manually at all of them, all the time.

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rustlem on February 4, 2012  · 

Martin, you can do this with Fluidinfo, see my activity here: http://fluidinfo.com/about/#!/%40rustlem/recent_activity

This is my social stream, viewed from the Fluidinfo object about me. This is openly writable so anyone can add, with attribution, more data about me on the same object. There are a bunch more social apps to integrate, including tumblr, facebook, etc.

Unfortunately the mobile version won’t be ready for a few more weeks, but it works OK on an ipad.

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Eduardo Lina on February 6, 2012  · 

Hi Martin!
…and I wish this technology could be used in the public high school where I teach, and one of these days it will because that is the way we should (and eventually will) go here. It will take some pushing on that direction, but since there is no other way, it will be done.
In his book “The Socially Networked Classroom – Teaching in the New media Age ( see ”http://www.amazon.com/Socially-Networked-Classroom-Teaching-Media/dp/1412967015) , William Kist has written, among other things of course, the following:
“Picture afterschool at an elementary school somewhere in the Midwest. The kids are racing for their book bags and coats. As they make their way out of the building, a metamorphosis occurs as they whip out cell phones, Blackberries, iPods and even laptops. The kids are getting back in touch with the world after hours of forced disconnect” (p1)
I know there are lots of schools in the Western World that are there already. I may be wrong, but I guess most of them are private schools. Yet there must be some that are public and are there, too (even in my country). Well, Martin, your post has led me to a You Tube clip that I find instrumental in my attempt to bring about the change I have mentioned. I had not been aware of a few things before reading this post of yours and checking that clip. Thanks for that.

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wonga promo code on February 29, 2012  · 

Thank you for sharing your expertise and views in this area. fantastic!

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