I would like to know how accurate Android voice recognition is for native US speakers. I speak English with an Argentine accent but obviously a very slight accent because it is remarkable how well Android understands my English. Interestingly my wife has a German accent in English and Android cannot understand her at all. Android gets almost every word she says wrong, as if she was speaking another language. But in real life few have problems understanding Nina. Now what I found unusual is that when I choose Argentine Spanish as default and speak in Spanish Android makes the same 10% mistake rate that it makes when I speak in English. Maybe I am not a native speaker of any language anymore or maybe the best Android can hope now is to get things 90% right. Another answer could be that Android has experimented much more in English, has found that a significant part of the US population has a Spanish accent in English and recognizes those.

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Martín Alejandro Carmona Selva on November 1, 2011  · 

Martín! I also have android and I have the exact same “issue” that you have. And having tested both iOS and Android, I can tell you one thing: Google nailed it down!

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