Nokia & Microsoft via BI

Nokia & Microsoft via BI

Nokia is either dead, or saved by the strategy explained in this article. I give 80% that it’s dead, but 20% is still a chance. And if Windows Phone does take off it will be the miracle that Nokia needs. Problem is that WP should it be a success, it is also available for HTC and Samsung. Indeed it is HTC not Nokia who is the number one biggest seller of Windows Phone now. But Windows Phone sells 15K units a day worldwide and falling and Android 550K and growing fast. Nokia surprisingly still sells close to a million phones a day, most are cheap phones but still the largest maker by units. But HTC and Samsung have destroyed Nokia’s market in smartphones by adopting and thriving with Android and effectively together with iOS killing Symbian. So betting on WP is betting on a platform that as it stands nobody wants and if by thanks to Nokia it succeeds then Samsung, HTC and others will have it as well.

Not only it is hard to understand why Nokia went with Windows Phone but also why it went exclusively with Windows Phone instead of having Android as well.

Nokia married Microsoft but Microsoft gets to sleep around.

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EK on August 11, 2011  · 

Does it have (by chance ;-)) anything to do with the fact that Ellop is an former Microsoft’s enployee ?

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Achim on August 12, 2011  · 

Martin: does it make sense? HTC and Samsung do use Android, so what is the point if they use Microsoft later as well? Nokia can still join the Android crowd any time: it can be done within weeks. Microsoft is a bit mor challenging. So I think they do have a better chance
for differentation. I m sure that Microsoft did not only pay the 1 Bill $, Nokia will get nice Revenue shares as well. Of course it s a huge bet but the odds are better than 80 /20.

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