These photos are from the last day of our summer vacation. We spent it on Aphrodite, the family sailboat. We have been sailing Aphrodite for 11 years. We have gone as far East as Beirut and as far West as Mexico. Aphrodite is a 92ft Ketch designed by Andre Hoek and built by Vitters. And don’t ask me why I still work so hard at turning ideas into businesses like Fon and just don’t spend my life sailing 🙂

Aphrodite is a blue water sailboat that has crossed the Atlantic 10 times. What they say about boats is true, they are incredibly complex and expensive to maintain. But they are also great fun to sail.

In this video I show Aphrodite sailing.

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Rafa on September 6, 2011  · 

Martin, given the message of Scott, the Skipper, about the good shape and condition of the boat, can I assume that you are considering selling it? 😉


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algis on September 20, 2011  · 

excellent boat to spend long week! 🙂

would be nice to cross atlantic with nice company as yours somewhen 🙂

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