Mia Varsavsky was born this morning. As you can see we are all well. This picture was taken only 2 hours after birth. Nina was amazing, brave, confident, and very happy. Mia struggled through the whole thing. We promised her that life gets better later on. Birth took place at Ruber Internacional in Madrid. Dr Luis Recasens, an amazing obstetrician did the C Section. I had the easy part of course 🙂

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Elliott Block on August 9, 2011  · 


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Marco on August 9, 2011  · 

Congratulations! Congratulazioni!

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Alex on August 10, 2011  · 

Sincere congratulations! Turned father myself 1 weeks ago (baby boy Leon, born on 1/08). Was thrilled following your posts on Nina’s pregnance as my wife was pregrant too.
Congratulations again, wish great health to Mia and her mother!

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Dolores Turró on August 11, 2011  · 

Congratulations to all of you!!

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Julien Denoyer on August 15, 2011  · 

Gorgeous family!!! Your wife looks stunning for having given birth a couple of hours before…I also love the pic of you posing in your green outfit!!! Muchas felicidades!

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