I am attending the Clinton Foundation Strategy Briefing to trustees. I have been a trustee of the Clinton Foundation since its inception and I made a committment to donate $1 million to the foundation over 10 years.

Since 2001 I have been to quite a few of these meetings and they have been getting better and better. I am very impressed at the quality of the team that President Clinton (in America Presidents are called Presidents even when out of office) has put together.

Today we heard presentations from Bruce Lindsay, the CEO of the foundation; from the Chief of Staff, Laura Graham, who saw the Foundation grow from around 12 employees when I first made my donation to around 500 today; from Eric Nonacs, who is heading the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative; from John Needham, who heads the Clinton Global Initiative –that phenomenal annual conference that the foundation puts together around the time of the General Assembly-; from Ira Magaziner, who heads the Clinton Climate Initiative and the HIV Initiative; from Trooper Sanders who heads the Domestic Initiatives; and from Bob Harrison who heads the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Initiative.

During the day, as I receive permission from the Foundation, I expect to post videos that show these individuals presenting the work they have been doing in each field. These videos may not be the most entertaining ones you can imagine but if you are interested in understanding more about how one of the most sophisticated philanthropic organizations in the world works they will be worth your while.

So far I attended meetings since 9am until now including a lunch with President Clinton in which global affairs were discussed in a more relaxed atmosphere and I will report more on the event later on in the day.

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