In this video I comment on this article on the FT that I read on my way to the airport in Hamburg (today was Hamburg, Cambridge and now Dublin). As I read it I thought how tough the choices were for Israel. On one side I strongly believe that the settlers should leave the West Bank. On the other side I believe that Israel does have a good case that if they pull out from the West Bank completely as they did from Gaza more and more rockets will fly into Israel. Israel should pull out but it can´t have Palestine managed by a party, Hamas, whose political platform calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

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Tomer on June 6, 2007  · 

While most of the settlers are religious and that plays a big part in their views, they aren’t all fanatics and their reasons for moving there are often tactical and political… if there are many settlers in a certain region, it won’t be given back to the Palestinians. They will never become a minority in a Palestinian state, they will leave if the land is returned, but they go there to try and make it impossible.

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Natasha on October 21, 2008  · 

For the person who said “if they pull out from the West Bank … more and more rockets will fly into Israel”… excuse me, have you ever hear about a rocket launched from the West Bank against Israel??!!.. Second, there is a truth that cannot be ignored, by International recognition, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are “Occupied” Territories.
Last, actually more than half of the Israeli settlers move into the West Bank based on mere economic basis, not political, not tactical, or religious. However, about 25% from the settlers are fanatic religious jews who continuously launch attacks on Palestinian citizens. They are armed, and they are always accompanied and protected by the IOF. Don’t believe me?.. check info about the cities of Hebron and Nablus, you won’t need any more examples, and maybe doing so, you can get one step closer to understanding the REAL situation down there.

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