Among other things at Fon I have been in charge of our marketing since we started. Our marketing so far has been pretty unique, not a cent spent in advertising, almost no PR, designers send us stuff and if we like it we pay and use it, we also have an in house designer. But now that we have become the largest WiFi community in the world and have presence in China, Korea, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Israel, France, and other countries I wonder if it´s not time that we hired a marketing manager based in Madrid. Qualities? Experience managing a web site of over 300K unique visitors per month would be important. Knowing about how to promote stuff on the net would be essential. And of course, most important, to love the internet and want to see it everywhere. Are you the person? Pls write to You could be from anywhere, that we don´t care. But you must have left one big footprint somewhere on the net.

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