Even though FON is less than a year old, we have offices in China, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and US. We also deliver our Foneras in all of the EU. But if you live in a country where we cannot ship Foneras to, we recommend that either you buy one and have it shipped to a friend in a country where we can ship to, or if you or a friend show up in person to a FON office anywhere in the world and simply show your passport and a ticket that proves that you are going to a destination that we can´t ship to. We will trust you as a FONero and give you 3 Foneras for free to take to your country.

Example, you are a Chilean who travels to San Francisco, you are a Malaysian in Hong Kong, you are a Senegalese in Paris, an Argentine in Madrid, etc. Just come to our offices and you will get up to 3 Foneras to take with you back home and start spreading the FON Movement. If you have any questions about this promo pls write to Nina. We have already implemented this with Latin Americans who come to Madrid.

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Alexis on November 3, 2006  · 

Bravo, that’s a great idea.

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