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killy-the-frog on September 22, 2006  · 

Yes he is right… USA are the leader… in polution…
Check that: (website blocked from China)

In a time most of the world strongly disagree with USA foreign policy, USA leaders should understand that many people do not want USA to lead the world.

First USA should take action against global warming (or at least stop slowing down the others by stopping fighting Kyoto treaty), then they can start speaking of showing the path.

For China, we should not forget that there is a huge difference between the law and the reality. there are many environmental laws, but they are not enforced, because local leaders do not care, and because many are corrupted. And as there is no freedom of press, so the media can not really denounce these corrupt local leaders and factory owners.


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Anonymous on September 29, 2006  · 

There are companies out there,that have made good
Progress in fighting air pollution i am working
with this one called EthosFR here is one of the
jrojects Ethos is working on.
Clean Air Act
A small San Diego company is playing a big role in reducing air pollution in Beijing as China clears the air for the 2008 Olympics

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