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And on top of our mass production of Foneras, we are thinking of also producing small runs of design routers such as this one

router final.JPG

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DOGSCH on October 25, 2006  · 

wow, that would be a cool idea – maybe you could create a competition for different design

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Damien on October 25, 2006  · 


over a month ago you sent emails to existing foneros with a promise (below). Can you let us know what is happening with this. i think alot of early foneros with old routers are waiting for the special offer …:-)

Sent.19 Sept 06 from
Hello Fonero!

Today we are launching La Fonera, the FON Community’s new Social Router. You will soon be receiving a new special offer to take it home. We wish to thank you for always believing in FON, so we will send you another e-mail to offer you La Fonera in a very special promotion (including a surprise). Just wait and you’ll be able to enjoy all the privileges you deserve!

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Martin Varsavsky on October 25, 2006  · 


We will launch it very soon. Thing is that we almost don’t have foneras left now, but as soon we receive more foneras in 3 weeks, you will definitely get yours.


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Bernard Leung on October 26, 2006  · 

What I am thinking is, it is the best if every user can “customize” the routrer by themselves.

What we need for a router is only the electric circuit and the antenna. I used to see people making high gain antenna with the can of “Pringles”

Fonera can exist in any form, any shape and anywhere, the most important, anytime

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Gabriel on November 1, 2006  · 


It is fantastic how things are evolving and that new designs are envisioned for the Fonera. One thing though: The FON network is as strong as the coverage of the foneras, and the ability to share your WiFi with good quality at home is determined by the range of the Fonera and the size of your home. Therefore, in order to boost the network coverage, Fon should start developing range extension devices that can be placed around your house/office and perhaps also an outdoor version to provide good access to people in the street. This range extension devices will pick-up the signal from the Fonera wirelessly and extend the coverage. I know you can buy these products from linksys, d-link etc. but the Fonera needs its own sisters that could even have cool design (hopefully better looking than this one) and blend with their environment. In any case, I am sure you already thought about this.

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