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dravya on August 3, 2006  · 

Nice link Martin.

I found this article on the same site very interesting too:

I wonder what would happen if you placed the egg between two wi-fi routers, which have far more power than cell phones.

Nice to put things into perpective.

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Mario on August 16, 2006  · 

Hi dravya,
what you say is NOT true:
–Cellphones have authorized emitting power of up-to 2 Watts/Meter (equal to 2000 mWatt)
–Wi-Fi instead is only allowed to emit power up-to 200 mWatt, which is only 10% of cellphones emitting power.

Consider indeed that you do not keep your router near your brain or other vital organs and that radio-signals have logarithmic decreasing-powers.

Wi-Fi range is about 200-300 meters, cellphones can range up to 25 Kilometers!!!
Quite different, huh?


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