Jason Goodman told me that he sees FON as an organization based on the principle “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”. Today I saw this in action.

These women are writing the FONero promise in order to get a free Fonera. But look how they do it, as our stand at SIMO, Spain´s largest tech fair is a mob scene and there´s nowhere to write, they write on each other´s back. Very FON.


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Carlos on November 9, 2006  · 

A nice way to see a problem…. just put a table and see if it happends like you post it.
Don’t post anything!!
Iam sure that it could be more interesting for all the people that coudnt go to SIMO, to read about your meeting with the people with skype and smc…

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Martin Varsavsky on November 9, 2006  · 


What would u like to know about skype and smc? I already announced that FON, Skype will market a handset/fonera combination made by SMC.

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Miguel on December 18, 2006  · 

Nice picture, it’s a pity it is useless to write the FONero promise (on a table or on each others back). We wrote the FONero promise but we have not receive La Fonera at all.

That’s may be bad, but, we have tried to contact someone through the web – Help and there’s NO answer .. impossible … that’s really bad

La Decepcion is the word.
Miguel and Marisa
#143206 miembro de la Comunidad FON

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