FON is a social movement to spread the benefits of information technology to as many corners of the world as possible. But a social movement is not enough without an important educational component. This is what I have already done with and Educar Chile. Now it is FON’s turn to look towards important educational channels for spreading its message. Thus, FON has signed an agreement with GenevaLogic, one of the world’s leading providers of educational classroom software. GenevaLogic has more than 50.000 installations running and will bundle FON Social Routers with their “Vision – software packet”. This way schools and their students (ie, in computer & physics classrooms and teachers lounges) will have WiFi access. The lack of Internet and information technology access will be immediately removed from these schools. Any school interested can have the Vision Software bundled with FON Social Routers and operate the routers as a BILL or as a LINUS.

Geneva Logic will also help FON to make 5 EUR FON Social Routers accessible for teachers and students and help to bundle orders and minimize shipping costs.

Peter, thank you for this! This is really great and should motivate many schools to become FON enabled and connected. We hope that universities will soon follow!

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