Tonight we went to visit the newly reopened La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh which after a $170 million renovation, a staggering amount for a hotel that has less than 300 rooms, looks stunning. We were invited by the new management. I can’t say that La Mamounia is especially my taste. I prefer small hotels or Riads as they are called over here, places such as MaisonMK or Villas des Orangers. Still, the work they did at La Mamounia is extraordinary and made me want to stay there next time we come to this wonderful city. Moreover, many events, weddings, parties, conventions, conferences are not suitable for small hotels. La Mamounia is sober for being a luxurious hotel in an Islamic country. It is mostly done in dark tones as you can see in the pictures that I include. The hotel opens to the public as of next week with rooms starting, sorry to say, at $900 a night. I recommend that you visit the Mamounia web site, if anything, just for the music.

These are some pictures of Marrakesh that I took today, a special day as it was Eid Al Adhha, the festival of sacrifice, involving the sacrifice of rams all over town. A pretty shocking site.

And here are some night pictures of La Mamounia.

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Christian on November 30, 2009  · 


is it worth to pre-order lunch/dinner at the MaisonMK or is it preferable to eat outside. We have a romantic break out and have never been to Morocco.

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