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steven on April 4, 2009  · 


Yes Hak5 resells the Fonera Classic for +-145$ with alternative firmware to lt people think they are accesing a normal hotspot but in the meanwhile their traffic is logged (passwords, visa, …)

they will probably increased sales; but pure for hacking not for sharing your wifi… which is not allowed in the USA by any ISP… Even the one ISP that FON signed a deal with has threatened foneros …

“This is Jordi Vallejo, CTO at FON. We support several Open Source
Communities like OpenWRT and many others but we are totally against
software developed to gain information or credentials from third
parties. We are also totally against softwares to create “man in the
middle” type of attacks not only on routers, but also on PCs or any
other hardware with network interface. The actual software used for
“man in the middle” attacks can be run into any hardware with network
support and that includes notebooks, routers, mobile devices with
wifi, ethernet switches, etc… Again we are against the use of this
type of softwares no matter in which hardware are they run on, ours or third parties. We
still support Open Source Communities because they have created some
of the most stable and high performance software solutions used today
by both individuals and corporations. Also support O.S. just because many of the FON employees we have
been involved on several of those initiatives with great passion and enthusiasm.
Jordi – FON”

The email showed on the forum by a FON employee is talking about hacking on mesh and lets not forget that hacking is not bad by nature, we are talking about hacking not cracking. We all know that some of the best hackers are working in Oracle, Red Hat, Microsoft, you name it. But what I have to agree with is that it was not the smartest thing in the world to send a bunch of Foneras and Fontennas to a group known for promoting illegal behaviors among hackers. I hope is a bit more clear now on where we stand on this issue.

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steven on April 4, 2009  · 

more info found here :

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