FON has opened two research labs, one in Barcelona and one in Paris. The lab in Barcelona is working in the FON Downloader: the new version of our social router that will also address an issue that is dear to people who frequently upload and download, and that is a FON social router that can be directly connected to your iPod or external hard drive and that allows you to separate your uploading downloading activities in bittorrent, youtube and other sites from your computing activity. We believe we can have this product in the market for around $50.

In Paris we are working on managing our relationship with many other open source companies and doing projects in common. These will be announced in the next 30 days. Now here´s a general commentary. In Europe, most people don´t want to move and companies must go to them. In America, most people move to where the companies are. So FON is decentralizing and making small labs in different cities. We would like to do our next one in Asia.

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