I belong to A Small World. I know, it´s elitist. Some have called it a “friendster for the VIP Set”. But I belong to “aSW” because aSW delivers. Tonight for example, we were having dinner at my farm in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay with a group of friends who had flown from many countries to spend New Year´s Eve with my wife and I and Ola Alvharsson announced that there was an aSW party nearby. We all went after dinner and the party turned out to be amazing. It was held at a construction site surrounded by antique cars where a very large pool house was being built. There was grilled food, candles everywhere, great music and psychodelic projections. Ola told me that there were people from over 30 nationalities dancing through the night. What´s the secret of aSW? That the people from aSW all see themselves as members of the same tribe, a tribe that many despise and yet want to be part of. Curiously I met Eric, the founder of aSW hanging out with my friend Ola in Stockholm 3 years ago. At that point aSW was only a dream. I liked the idea then, I love it now. What´s unique about his concept is that aSW is one of the only community on the net that has 4 times more members wanting to belong than who actually belong to it. From a financial point of view this is a community that is not so easy to monetize because while each member has a significant spending power the overall size of the community is quite small. At the same time it is the SMALL in aSW that makes it a success. I guess there are cases when small is beautiful…

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Marcelo Levit on January 15, 2006  · 

Well, what can I say?
Yes, it is elitist, but it’s ok that you belong.
When you have money it is natural that your friends will be the same ….
You know what Groucho Marx said about the club that invited him to belong to … 🙂
Enjoy !!!

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Emma on April 21, 2006  · 

Sounds like luck is on your side. Stockholm sounds fantastic – can’t wait to go myself. My colleague is a member, and although he keeps his cards very close to his chest, he is always meeting new people around the world. I think just for that sites like asw sound fantastic. myself I’d love to meet more like minded people when I visit a new place, it’s more difficult to filter on commercial sites. Members clubs are great – lots of them in London…are you Swedish?

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Frank on October 24, 2007  · 

Asmallworld is over. No one is on it anymore. If you sign up now people are going to wonder? Why so late are you not connected??? You must not belong here.

It like a hot club…in the beginning only the a list gets in. Then after a while you get new jersey in the house. Thats the end of it. People who join now are guido’s. Who want’s to hang around with guido’s???

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Orangepeel on October 29, 2007  · 

“Over”? Interesting. Membership and page views are higher than ever before. 3 years ago you had to wait 2 days for someone to reply to your travel advice question, and now you get a reply instantly.
That somehow strikes me as an improvement.

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James Pool on December 19, 2007  · 

And now there’s Extravigator.com for those who want to discuss luxury travel out in the open. It definitely doesn’t have the exclusivity factor of ASW, but it just launched, so it’s a little barren right now (not too unlike what ASW was 3 years ago, I guess).

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Paulo Pires on May 15, 2008  · 


Can you send me a invite to “a small world” ?



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Harry Buttox on July 10, 2008  · 

I make millions, if not billions, so can you send me a link to ASW? Thanks, Brother!

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jack benny on October 10, 2008  · 

HAHA ASW – LOL , what will the net think of next , maybe people on the net will put masks on and think they are made of money , money is needed but to live using money as the only power will take you down a ill path, I know this cause at anytime you can have it all and next minute you are on the streets, just like that , Cheerish what you have, but ASW , com’n its the owners that are racking in – it all comes down to Elite Advertising , like Adversting luxury jets and jewels and the companys are paying 4 X more to get direct marketing to theri high hand consumer…lets face it folks its just one big marketingploy and the rich think its elite its just a high end magazine that costs nothing but is only delievered to the money bags- look around the world , people are dying , babies are dying , and you go buy a 1,000,000 suite and tie to wear for one event, shame on you people ….the afterworld is real…and the price tag is huge..I am feeling the pain for 10 years now I had it all and if I was to do it again i would give so much more and do so much more buts its too late for me, its all gone casue of my greed and my not sharing…

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Ma. Monelli Ponce de Leon on February 16, 2009  · 

I am sorry to say… but give ASW 5 or more years… and it will be like other normal social networking sites… I mean, well, it’s a social networking site, so it should grow… (unless the ASW administration decided to put a quota and stop the eligible members from inviting)

However, ASW is very pretty 🙂 Congratulations to the person who developed it!

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stephanie on March 16, 2009  · 

would you invite me to a small world?
thanks ! 🙂

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Rifat on March 20, 2009  · 

Please send me an invite to asw

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Benjamin L. on April 2, 2009  · 


would you invite me to a small world, please?

Thank you very much.

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Ben on April 10, 2009  · 

would you invite me to a small world?
thanks !

Greetings Ben

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