Today I met Phillip Alvelda from MobiTV. I was very impressed by him and his company. The concept is simple, watch TV over WiFi in your laptop or PDA or TV over 3G in your mobile phone. Other companies also do this, example JumpTV who I already blogged about and is more focused on immigrant populations. But what impressed me about MobiTV is how well they seem to be executing their strategy. They have over a million paying customers mostly in the States now watching TV in mobile devices. MobiTV, JumpTV are killer applications for Fon. While personally I am not a big TV watcher the idea of having high definition TV over WiFi sounds very fonera to me. I can see why a lot of people would want to join Fon to watch TV everywhere of a much better quality than through GPRS/3G networks. With WiFi TV quality is as good as with real TV. I think we will soon see WiFi TVs being offered in the marketplace linked to services like this, something like the Music Gremlins but for TV. And these TVs could be like Mobile TIVOs, or in some cases mobile Sling Boxes. Fon will soon start promoting killer apps in our sign up pages so people can see the real benefits of having WiFi everywhere.

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