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This week I bought a new 500GB hard drive for my Macbook and experienced how easy and quick it is to clone your old smaller hard drive into what is a gigantic hard drive for a laptop in an incredibly short amount of time. The HUGE difference between Macs and Windows machines is the concept of cloning. While Windows does not allow you to clone itself Mac does just that. And cloning means tremendous savings in both time and money. It means new hardware with all your stuff already in it. It is interestingly that the company that makes it so hard to clone an iPod makes it so easy to clone a Mac.

To change my hard drive all I did is buy a new one for only $110 in Amazon enclosed it and cloned it using a free program called Super Duper. I then replace the hard disk opening the compartment that seats behind the battery using a special mini screw driver that came with the hard drive. True, there are cloning tools for Windows too, but on Mac it’s just super easy to change, both the hardware and the software. I used Microsoft from 20 years and changed to Apple two years ago. During all my time with Microsoft I thought that Apple was better but harder. Now I see that Apple is better because it is easier, much easier. Microsoft made me feel like an idiot. Apple makes me feel smart. I still don´t know if I am smart or an idiot overall but I certainly prefer the Apple feeling.

And what really puts Mac on another level of simplicity is what happens when you buy a new laptop. On Windows you need to install all your applications and manually recover your documents from your backups, while loosing most of your settings and preferences. On Mac, thanks to its UNIX style “everything is a file” approach, migrating your documents, applications and application settings is as easy as copying your files from your backup to your new computer. With Leopard it’s now even easier: as soon as you boot up your new Mac, Apple’s Migration Assistant lets you copy all your files from your old computer (over WiFi or ethernet) or from a backup. And if you want to go insane with memory here´s a hack that will give you a Tera Macbook.

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JaviMaKer on February 28, 2009  · 

Martin, there is specialized (but easy to use) software solutions for cloning any hard drive for any system. For example the famous Norton Ghost. Try them, some are even free.

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Fran on March 1, 2009  · 

Javimaker, Norton ghost isn’t free, and do exactly the same thing that do free software.

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Peanut on March 1, 2009  · 

Mac vs Windows. Creepy. Windos has a project based in corporative and enterprise values, and translate to the personal computer market; Apple have a tradition to the focus in user and “usability”. Is too long to describe the evolution of both companies, but is and great example de orientation to the “user being” versus corporative values, like IBM seed in the early years of computing history. The original market of Apple isn’t the corporative-enterprise centric, otherwise, then have his focus in educative and personal computing market. This make the basis of a diferent philosophy. Isn’t marketing placement gap or economic moat. Is merely corporative values.(I hope excuse my “Brythonic” lingo, I expres my self, and insight, in five language ways, sorry). 🙂

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Bozo on March 4, 2009  · 

This made me smile.
I express myself in 5-6 languages on a Macbook.

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luis faustino on March 10, 2009  · 

Great tips! Thank you!
my tip for you: get an app called multiclutch. it enables you to use the mouse pad multitouch gestures and associate them with keyboard shorcuts, either OS wide or specific in a particular app.

So in my configuration for Firefox i have:
swipe up = close tab
swipe down = reload tab
swipe right = next tab
swipe left = previous tab
zoom in = text bigger
zoom out = text smaller
rotate left = history -1
rotate right = history +1


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