Today we paid a visit to the New Museum. Among the different exhibits I was impressed by one that takes place in 2048 the year in which the Jews are thrown out of Israel by the Palestinians. I was not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit but I found this link. What the exhibits captures is a small portion of this imaginary event that takes place in the Netherlands as some refuges arrive there. On my part I sincerely hope that way before 2048 Israel has its country, the Palestinians their country along the lines of the Oslo treaty and both nations live in peace.

In the meantime here are some pictures that I took in the last 24 hours. In them you see a part of the exchibit in the New Museum that I was allowed to photograph, a very ironic exhibit on Urban China. I did find the condom underwear particularly clever.

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George on February 8, 2009  · 

Great Pics! Super Obama says a lot!!! What do u use 2 take the pics? Camera or phone? How about one of your recaps on your gadgets carry-around-bag ? (it’s been a while since the last) Txs!

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Angel Mas on February 11, 2009  · 

Michael Chabon, a great author, wrote The Yiddish Police Union. It is a police story, but the underlying theme is a historical fiction: the Jews lost 1948 war and they were accepted in Alaska, with a 60 year permit that is about to expire. Great story

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Felipe on February 12, 2009  · 

Well, having Bernard Madoff as a sponsor to that exibition speaks volumes of how one-sided it must be. After all he also sponsored and was treasurer of the board of trustees of the Yeshiva University, an orthodox jewish institution that combines the study of ancient racist Torah with secular studies. Chances are that by 2048 the kind of zionism that Madoff represents will have wiped any remaining trace of Palestinians from what was their land.

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Martin Varsavsky on February 12, 2009  · 


Bernard Madoff as you can see in my pictures in the other post is a sponsor of the whole museum! or was…

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