Just read this. Its from the WSJ. It´s crazy. They managed to do a survey of rich people who owned private jets and their extra marital affairs expenditures in times of crisis. Results on this awkward survey on generosity were suprising.

Women were far more generous to their paramours in the face of financial crises. Less than 20% planned to lower allowances, gifts and perks, while more than half planned to raise them.

Instead here is a comment from a troubled man:

Before September the 15th, I’d promised my mistress both a breast enhancement and a liposuction for the Holidays. Now I can only afford one or the other…so she’s going for the enhancement next month. But, if things get much worse she’ll have to choose between enhancing just her right or just her left breast. Truth be told, I don’t really care. I love her just the way she is now.

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Harry on December 5, 2008  · 


You just can’t make this kind of stuff up. I guess to “pretty” up the article, you’d have to justify having mistress by mentioning a French King who ruled back in the 15th century — because , you know, our societal structures haven’t evolved much..

hilarious.. I love it..

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Nic Brisbourne on December 5, 2008  · 

Makes me wonder if the men are more prone to spending everything they have on their lovers in the first place.

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