08 Fon’s revs were euro 2.8M loss 7M, in 09 revs were 4.9M loss 1.5M. 1st qt 2010 revs 3.9M and $280K profit 🙂 This is a tremendous achievement and I want to congratulate everyone who works at Fon. It took Fon 3 years to get to a million hotspots. In the first quarter of this year alone we grew another half million.

Does Time Warner Cable, Comcast in the States offer an IPTV service if u pay their monthly subscription? When are they going to Slingbox as they Tivoed? They have a great opportunity there.

Google has a serious branding problem. Is it the “Android”, “Nexus”, “Nexus One”, “Google Phone”? People can’t agree.

FB app slows down your iPhone if you have many friends. Today I started cutting my friends list in Facebook from 4000 to 500 because neither the iPhone, nor the Android, Blackberry can handle Facebook when you have so many friends.

It took Fon 3 years to get to a million hotspots. In the first quarter of this yr alone we grew another half million.

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Doug on April 17, 2010  · 

In your tweet: “Design is not great when it clashes with use. Example? iPhones that fall out of pockets.”, I wonder how you came to the conclusion that this is the fault of the iPhone’s design, and not a failure of the design of the pocket?

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Pablo on April 20, 2010  · 

The fault goes for the slippery protective case!

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Fernando Gutierrez on April 20, 2010  · 

Big congrats on that profit! Really glad for you and all your team!

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Fernando on April 21, 2010  · 

Si sos Argentino, tu nombre lleva tilde.

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