Om Malik covers FON today where he discloses that we have been having meetings at Google. This he obtains from the New Google Blog who picked it up from the blog of Ejovi, our lead American fonero. Yes, it is the case that we have been meeting with our friends at Google. Why? Google and FON share one passion and that is for the internet to truly be everywhere, on many devices as possible and at great speeds and that is something that so far only WiFi accomplishes. What did we do at Google? We basically explained to different managers how Fon works and how the movement is spreading. FON is a global movement started in Spain and supported by a software download that allows people who already have broadband over WiFi to contribute excess bandwidth at home (foneros) and obtain bandwidth from other foneros anywhere in the world. So far FON has grown very well by word of mouth but who knows, we may have to buy some google ads at some point. BTW, the concerns that some express at Om´s blog are reasonable and we are addressing them. We will have answers to some of these issues at eTel on January 25th in San Francisco where I will be introducing FON in America.

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