Some time ago at Fon we decided to improve on TinyURL and came up with or Fon Get Simple as we call it. The idea was that as opposed to TinyURL at you could both shorten and choose the name of your domain. Plus is already consideraby shorter than But of course what we wanted to do is to find an inexpensive way of having our company name, Fon circulate on the internet. I am glad to see that our “Toovertorial” worked and already over 2 million have been served. Other Toolvertorials from Fon include Gspace the free cloud storage tool which is used by half a million people around the world. And Twitxr, the twitter with geolocation and picture upload to Facebook and Flickr that is used by around 70K people per month. Less successful ones such as Unfolding News (the search engine for news as they unfold real time) which allows you follow a certain topic minute by minutes as news are written about it and Gmail uploader, a tool that allows you to load old Outlook emails into Gmail (Gmail is great for search but when you open an account you wish it had your emails). Now of all these tools the most successful one has been the Fonspots software that allows your Linux or Mac connected to 3G to turn into a Fonspot. This tool is the most relevant to our business at Fon. My advise to other start ups is that in difficult times when advertising and even PR is outside of your budget try having your coders spend a few hours developing “toolvertorials” people will remember you and like you more when they use them.

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Germán on October 20, 2008  · 

Personally I find the Gmail Uploader attractive but have not tried it yet because several aspects of the tool remain unclear and i fear messing up my Gmail account.
Maybe it would be more successful if you explained a little better how it works in an F.A.Q… for example: will the emails i upload maintain “from”, “to” and date info? will sent items appear as such on gmail? what is an “Mbox file”? is it a pst? etc…

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steven on October 21, 2008  · 


the gmail uploader isn’t necessary hence one can use “imap” support on both the mailer (even outlook/express) and gmail.

the fonspot software never seemed to have worked on my ubuntu; and no support is given by it’s creators (fon labs)
also you are not mentioned on the fonmaps nor are you suddenly a linus by sharing…
I would recommend further development into this by Fonlabs… why not even create a “windows” version although “internet connection sharing” is a default feature in any windows distribution

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María on October 21, 2008  · 

I try all Fon products as a rule. Some of them like and Twitxr are great services. I use on a daily basis to post urls in Twitter. And although I like Twitxr I don’t actually make a very active use of it…maybe just because I don’t have many friends in there. Anyway, I like both. I do understand both.
But sorry, I don’t get why should I use Gspace. My email account just looks like a mess. I know I can create filters and that stuff, but it doesn’t worth the effort considering that there are easier tools like where I can upload my files and have them tidily stored. I agree with Germán, it might be more useful if we knew the best way to use it….A screencast would help a lot!
BTW, what about a Firefox extension? 🙂

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