There are many reasons why I think that Facebook will become the number one social network in the world and eventually surpass One is that it has managed to integrate a developer community of apps that is unrivaled. Two is because, as opposed to Myspace, it managed to span accross generations going all the way from teens to baby boomers. Three is because it allows for many different levels of involvement. The only limitation I see is the language, that it´s only in English.

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dema on June 7, 2007  · 

I agree with you. The key factor for Facebook is apps !

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Homo Viator on June 7, 2007  · 

Yep, just a question of time. Other networks look antiquated to innovation-led facebook. I have just recently joined but am stunned by the diversity of features and little gimmicks. While the hectic design and structure of MySpace has always kept me from using that site, facebook offers a quiet, elegant and ultimately relaxing design, even though it makes great use of its space and offers lots of content. I would just like to be able to untag unwanted pictures that friends upload and which make it into your profile without you approving. Consolidation is greatly needed in the community website industry and I believe facebook to come out victorious and dominating the scene for years to come.

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Cem Mimaroglu on June 7, 2007  · 


You say that “The only limitation I see is the language, that it´s only in English”. So in a sense you are saying that it is a LOCAL business. Thus, for an entrepreneur like me looking into models to implement overseas, this would be a great model to implement for graduates to connect in their “native tongue”….thoughts???

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Chiva Congelado on June 10, 2007  · 

I think that the main issue why Facebook will become the number one social networking site is very simple: it is a much more civilised environment and it protects your privacy from unwanted visits much better than other sites like Orkut, MySpace or Hi5.

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Hansjorg Giessel on June 17, 2007  · 

Just took a deep look into it, and compared it with myspace. You´re definitely right. I think it will grow like mad, as you can observe right now. And their security standards are far better.

Hansjorg Giessel

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