As I have mentioned several times, Japanese love FON – and we at FON love Japan. So I am happy to announce another exciting collaboration in Japan with Sony PSP. As of now, all PSP users in Japan will be able to seamlessly access and enjoy videos, wallpapers and custom themes of PSP software as well as videos for PlayStation 3 from over 44,000 FON Spots in Japan and over 2,200 FON livedoor Spots, which primarily cover central Tokyo.

Furthermore with the launch of this service all PSP users will be able to download custom themes of new PSP software “DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY” (to be released in December 2008) from Japan FON Spots. More details on this service can be found on FON Japan Official Site and SCEJ Official Site’s “PlayStation®Spot” section. Currently this is only available in Japan – but of course we are working to provide it on a broader base.

Finally, from August 23rd, the launch date of PSP®×FON, we will begin sales of La Fonera and La Fonera+ in PC equipment section and game device section of some of Japan’s biggest retail stores including BIC Camera and Yodobashi Camera.

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steven on August 22, 2008  · 

Martin, what is the difference with the “boingo” deal of a few years ago? These PSP users do not have to share their internet… nor have to pay the “bill” anykind of access. A lot of people here in Europe are allready threatening to throw away their fonera if this is getting launched without something in return.

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Peter on August 22, 2008  · 

At a 1srt glance I also do not really recognice the reverse value for the fonero, because PSP owners do not “share a little bit of their bandwith and roam the whole for free”. – Am i wrong??

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Paulo Silva aka PJMDS on August 25, 2008  · 

Another stupid promotion, you are promoting the leeching of the community, if you keep abusing the good will of those foneros that still share you will probably loose them.

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