The Audacity of HopeImage via WikipediaBarack Obama did not win the nomination because he is black. He won it because democrats could for the first time in history, forgot that he was black and focused on the key election issues and on the person. Democratic voters obviously also liked Hillary Clinton as well as she had practically the same amount of votes. Those who voted for her forgot she was a woman. In both cases voters felt that an African American or a woman, could be elected Presidents. In general I think that what happened to the Democratic Party is that its demographics are now such that the majority of the candidates, namely male wasps are now a minority of the electorate. And the electorate realized this for the first time in a big way. And as minorities go, Obama represents the most minorities of all the candidates. By now in America…the minorities are the majority. We will see if white males lose dominance.

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Roetzen on June 5, 2008  · 

Neverthelss, the fact that they call him black, says quit a lot to me. In my POV, as the child of one white and one black parent, he is half white, half black. Apparently in the US one is only white if both parents are white. Just like it was in South Africa during the apartheid…

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Emmanuel Chriqui on June 6, 2008  · 

The long tail model hits politics 🙂

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